Census Bureau: New Experimental Veteran Employment Outcomes Statistics Released

Today, the Census Bureau released new experimental statistics on U.S. Army veterans’ outcomes in the civilian labor market. Veteran Employment Outcomes (VEO) provide annual earnings for veterans by military occupation, civilian industry and veteran characteristics — one, five, and 10 years after leaving service. These data show a broad distribution of labor market outcomes for recent veterans, highlighting the role of industry, military occupation and rank in determining post-military earnings. VEO are generated by linking veterans’ records provided by the Army to national administrative data on jobs developed by the Census Bureau.

VEO data can be accessed using the VEO Explorer data visualization tool. This interactive tool allows for comparisons of veterans outcomes through an easy-to-use interface with line and bar charts.

Although VEO currently covers only Army veterans, these statistics could potentially be expanded to the other branches of the military.

Outputs from these tabulations are released directly to the public. For more information, visit the VEO Experimental page.

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