Census Bureau: New Vintage 2020 Population Evaluation Estimates Available

The U.S. Census Bureau today released Vintage 2020 evaluation estimates updated to include April 1, 2020, resident population and housing unit estimates. These data have been added to previously released downloadable datasets and tables containing population estimates for the United States, states, and counties by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin; population estimates for Puerto Rico and its municipios by age and sex; total population estimates for metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, cities and towns; and estimates of housing units in the United States, states and counties.

The Vintage 2020 estimates are based on the 2010 Census and were created without incorporation or consideration of the 2020 Census results. They are typically used in comparisons with the 2020 Census to make determinations about the accuracy of the estimates. Differences between the estimates and census counts are interpreted as error in the estimates and not the census counts. They are used to inform population and housing unit estimates research and methodological improvements over the decade.

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