August 10, 2017

Census Bureau: U.S. Population on the Move Between Counties

Today the U.S. Census Bureau updated the Census Flows Mapper to include 2011-2015 American Community Surveydata. Census Flows Mapper is a web mapping application that allows users to view and save county-to-county migration flows in the United States. Users can sort and customize maps by dataset, type of migration flow, colors and range of movers.

Each dataset features different characteristics using five-year American Community Survey data. The updated tables cover migration flows between counties by selected characteristics including sex, age, race and Hispanic origin. Additional characteristics such as household income, educational attainment and employment statistics are available in previous datasets. In addition to the updated Census Flows Mapper, county-to-county, county/minor civil division-to-county/ minor civil division, and metro-to-metro migration flows files are available.

Visit the Census Flows Mapper for more information. Also, check out the ACS Census Flows Mapper Tutorial for a step-by-step look at how to use the data tool.

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