Census Bureau: Updates to Quick Facts Web Application Tool

Based on user feedback, the U.S. Census Bureau recently provided updates to the QuickFacts web application on census.gov.

Updates include:

  • Simplified mapping.
  • Displays in Chart, Map and Dashboard based on user-selections.
  • Updated share capability on social media sites Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easier-to-navigate mobile experience.
  • Improved performance.

QuickFacts provides the following data for all states, counties and for cities and towns with populations of 5,000 and more:

  • Housing
  • Population
  • Age and sex
  • Race and Hispanic origin
  • Population characteristics
  • Families and living arrangements
  • Education
  • Health
  • Economy
  • Transportation
  • Income and poverty
  • Businesses
  • Geography

To learn more about it, visit census.gov/quickfacts.

No news release associated with this product. Tip sheet only.

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