March 12, 2024

HUD: $2.75 Million Awarded to Train and Equip Skilled Housing Counseling Professionals

Awards will increase access to professional and effective housing counseling services.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Housing Counseling announced today it has awarded $2.75 million in grants to seven nonprofit organizations to fund training and education for current and prospective HUD-certified housing counselors.

“Our nation’s housing counselors are important to helping people of all backgrounds get the guidance and resources they need to buy and maintain a home,” said HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge. “HUD is proud to help support current and prospective housing counselors, so they have all the tools they need to assist those in pursuit of the American dream.”

With this funding, grantees will provide professional development and educational offerings to equip new and existing HUD-certified housing counselors with the necessary tools to meet the evolving needs of homeowners, homebuyers, and renters. Training funds can also be used to prepare students for housing counseling careers and to attract a new pipeline of professionals to the industry.

“Knowledgeable housing counselors are instrumental to helping households make informed choices about their financial options,” said Assistant Secretary for Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner Julia Gordon. “We are pleased to support these organizations that are so vital to ensuring that everyone has access to safe and affordable housing.”

“Investing in professional development not only strengthens the housing counseling community; it enables them to provide the best assistance available to individuals and families that need support with their housing needs,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary for Housing Counseling David Berenbaum.

These nonprofit organizations are receiving funding awards:

Fiscal Year 2023 Housing Counseling Training Awards

CityStateOrganizationGrant Award
OaklandCANational Association of Real Estate Brokers-Investment Division, Inc$82,500.00
West SacramentoCARural Community Assistance Corporation$396,246.39
WashingtonDCNational Community Reinvestment Coalition, Inc.$578,416.92
WashingtonDCNeighborhood Reinvestment Corp. DBA NeighborWorks America$524,936.58
WashingtonDCUnidos US$420,930.75
ChicagoILHousing Action Illinois$391,035.89
BostonMANeighborhood Stabilization Corporation$355,933.47
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