HUD: Nearly $105 Million Awarded to Protect Low-Income Families from Home Health and Safety Hazards

Funding to make low-income families’ homes safer and healthier

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today awarded nearly $104.7 million to 60 non-profit organizations, and state and local government agencies located in 29 states to protect children and families from home health hazards.

HUD is providing these grants through its Healthy Homes Production Grant Program which will help grantees identify health and safety hazards in low-income families’ homes. The grants will protect children and families with incomes at or below eighty percent of the area median income level by targeting significant lead and health hazards in over 7,400 low-income homes for which other resources are not available.

“By providing these grants, HUD makes it clear that ensuring healthy and safe homes for communities across our nation is a priority,” said Secretary Marcia L. Fudge. “HUD is working every day to keep families safe from home health hazards like lead paint because for many Americans, their home is a primary determinate of their health, and that is why HUD is committed to protecting families from these hazards and to providing healthy and sustainable housing for all Americans.”

The grants announced today emphasize the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to solving the nation’s lead crisis. In December, HUD awarded nearly $13.2 million in grants to state and local government agencies in 3 states through its Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction (LBPHR) Grant Program to identify and clean up dangerous lead, and health and safety hazards in low-income families’ homes.

The Healthy Homes Production Grant Program takes a comprehensive approach to addressing multiple childhood diseases and injuries in the home by focusing on housing-related hazards in a coordinated fashion, rather than addressing a single hazard at a time. The program builds upon HUD’s successful Lead Hazard Control programs to expand the Department’s efforts to holistically address a variety of high-priority housing-based health and safety hazards, such as mold and moisture, poor indoor air quality, pests, carbon monoxide, injury and safety hazards, in addition to lead-based paint.

In the coming weeks, grantees will begin setting up and implementing their programs and will make applications available for families who are interested and eligible for their local Healthy Homes Program.

Below is a project-by-project breakdown of the funding announced today:

 Grant ProgramStateOrganization NameTotal Units ProposedGrant Amount
1HHPAKAlaska Heat Smart130$1,999,999.74
2HHPAKCold Climate Housing Research Center50$1,000,000.00
3HHPAKTlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority40$2,000,000.00
4HHPALAlabama Department of Public Health150$2,000,000.00
5HHPALCommunity Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc.100$1,831,588.00
6HHPALWest Anniston Foundation150$1,050,268.80
7HHPAZRebuilding Together Valley of the Sun75$1,035,558.00
8HHPCACity of Pomona217$2,000,000.00
9HHPCOInternational Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology200$1,999,919.52
10HHPCTCity of New Haven200$2,000,000.00
11HHPCTConnecticut Children’s Medical Center75$2,000,000.00
12HHPDENew Castle County130$2,000,000.00
13HHPFLCity of Tampa90$1,999,560.00
14HHPGAHabitat for Humanity International, Inc.200$2,000,000.00
15HHPIACounty of Cerro Gordo65$1,306,240.00
16HHPIACity of Dubuque100$2,000,000.00
17HHPIACity of Sioux City100$1,503,643.00
18HHPIAEast Central Intergovernmental Association110$1,950,000.00
19HHPIAVisiting Nurse Services of Iowa, dba EveryStep135$2,000,000.00
20HHPILCity of Kankakee285$1,426,306.00
21HHPILCity of Springfield135$2,000,000.00
23HHPINIndiana Housing and Community Development Authority104$2,000,000.00
24HHPLANew Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity100$1,694,522.56
25HHPMACity of Malden Redevelopment Authority95$1,678,177.00
26HHPMARevitalize Community Development Corporation70 $1,400,164.00
27HHPMDEnterprise Community Partners Columbia50 $2,000,000.00
28HHPMDGreen & Healthy Homes Initiative, Inc.300$2,000,000.00
29HHPMDMaryland Rural Development Corporation137$1,175,563.00
30HHPMICity of Detroit150$2,000,000.00
31HHPMICity of Muskegon135$1,500,000.00
32HHPMIHabitat for Humanity of Michigan, Inc160$2,000,000.00
33HHPMNCity of Minneapolis120$2,000,000.00
34HHPMNHennepin County150$2,000,000.00
35HHPMOCounty of St. Louis145$1,798,124.95
36HHPMOJefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation187 $1,623,040.64
37HHPMSCity of Jackson125$1,581,981.13
38HHPNEOmaha Healthy Kids Alliance105$1,961,547.00
39HHPNJIsles, Inc.118$1,176,164.81
40HHPNJMorris Habitat for Humanity84 $1,597,946.00
41HHPNYBishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation, Inc.130$2,000,000.00
42HHPNYHome HeadQuarters, Inc.150$1,000,000.00
43HHPNYSeneca Nation of Indians80$1,614,964.00
44HHPNYChautauqua County80$2,000,000.00
45HHPOHCity of Cleveland310$2,000,000.00
46HHPOHCity of Columbus, Department of Development, Housing Division155$2,000,000.00
47HHPOHCity of Lancaster60$1,000,000.00
48HHPOHErie County Health Department78$1,000,800.00
49HHPOHMid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission170$2,000,000.00
50HHPOHRebuilding Together Northeast Ohio150$1,471,023.89
51HHPOKPeoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma130$1,718,725.00
52HHPPACity of Bethlehem200$1,814,947.00
53HHPPALancaster General Hospital150$1,999,155.06
54HHPPAWomen for a Healthy Environment130$1,854,450.00
55HHPSCSouth Carolina Association of Community Action Partnerships107$2,000,000.00
56HHPTXCity of Houston120$2,000,000.00
57HHPUTSalt Lake County130$2,000,000.00
58HHPVACity of Roanoke125$2,000,000.00
59HHPVAElderhomes Corp dba project:HOMES90$1,419,374.00
60HHPVARebuilding Together DC Alexandria120$1,601,000.00

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