July 3, 2024

HUD: Tools Updated to Help Americans Buy Homes

New translations of single-family mortgage documents make mortgage information more accessible for non-English speaking borrowers

Today, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), through its Federal Housing Administration (FHA), is making available translated versions of 19 single family mortgage documents used in the servicing of FHA-insured mortgages. These documents will be available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. The educational resources are accessible from FHA’s language access web page and will assist lenders, servicers, housing counselors, and other FHA program participants in explaining information related to FHA-insured mortgages to those with limited English proficiency prior to the execution of these documents in English, as required by law.

This set of translations augments the 40 previously published translated mortgage origination documents and homeownership education resources already available to consumers. Together, these translated documents will remove language access barriers for FHA consumers whose preferred language is not English.

“At HUD, we are working to ensure that homeownership is accessible to everyone who wants it – particularly for first-time homebuyers. To do that, we must make sure everyone has access to information about our programs. This common-sense action will help families achieve their dream of owning a home,” said HUD Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman.“Today, we are taking a crucial step towards a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable generation of homeowners.”

“We continue to work to remove language access barriers for borrowers with FHA-insured mortgages. We believe it’s critical for borrowers to understand the options for purchasing a home and for accessing assistance if an existing borrower has difficulty in making their mortgage payments,” said Federal Housing Commissioner Julia Gordon. “With almost 60 mortgage documents translated into multiple languages, we now have a comprehensive collection of translated tools and resources for our program partners to use to more effectively reach those whose first language is not English.”

Newly Available Translated Mortgage Documents and Education Resources

The mortgage documents and information resources listed below are now available in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese from FHA’s language access web page.

Mortgage Servicing
Borrower’s Consent to Voluntary Termination of FHA Mortgage Insurance (7/20/2021)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
FHA-HAMP Partial Claim Promissory Note and Partial Claim Subordinate Mortgage(6/2015)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Notice to Homeowner: Release of Personal Liability for Assumptions (6/2015)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Notice to Occupant of Pending Acquisition (11/2015)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Payoff Procedure Disclosure (6/2015)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Pre-Foreclosure Sale Addendum (6/2015)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Prepayment Disclosure Statements (6/2015)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Annual Payment Supplement Disclosure (2/21/2024)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Final Payment Supplement Disclosure (2/2024)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Payment Supplement Agreement Rider (2/21/2024)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Payment Supplement Promissory Note & Payment Supplement Security Instrument(2/21/2024)Model DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Property Disposition Program LEAD-BASED PAINT DISCLOSURE ADDENDUM TO CONTRACT -Seller has pertinent recordsFormHUD-9545-YChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Property Disposition Program LEAD-BASED PAINT DISCLOSURE ADDENDUM TO CONTRACT -Seller has NO pertinent recordsFormHUD-9545-ZChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Sales Contract Property Disposition ProgramFormHUD-9548ChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Information Sheet Pre-foreclosure Sale ProcedureFormHUD-90035ChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Sales Contract Review Pre-Foreclosure Sale ProgramFormHUD-90051ChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
Claims and Disposition
Exclusive Listing Period Purchase Addendum for Individual Owner-Occupant Buyers(6/2018)DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
HUD Earnest Money Forfeiture and Return Policy (9/30/2016)DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
FHA Good Neighbor Next Door Program Note (6/12/2013)DocumentN/AChineseKoreanSpanishTagalogVietnamese
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