Launch into Spring with our 2021 Contexter Market Reports

Starting today, we’ve released our Contexter Market Reports for 2021. Start building CRA performance contexter instantly with a single click.

1. Updated data

Our Contexter Market Reports contain over 200 pieces of data to assist you with building performance context for any county in the nation included in your CRA assessment areas. With this release, we’ve updated every data point within the Contexter Market Report to the most recent release from the government and industry data sources you rely.

2. New OCC data

In January 2021, the OCC released its list of distressed and underserved census tracts for the first time as part of its CRA modernization final rule. The OCC’s list differs from the FFIEC’s list as it also includes metropolitan census tracts and areas designated as banking deserts.

With this release, we’ve included new data points to document the number of distressed and underserved census tracts designated by both the FFIEC and the OCC.

3. Updated FEMA disaster data

We’ve updated our FEMA disaster designated section to not only include the date of the last major disaster disaster designation, but also the official reason for that designation, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or other natural disasters.

4. Three years of data now available

Not only do you get access to Contexter Market Reports for any country in the United States including Puerto Rico, but with this 2021 release, you now have access to three years of Contexter Market Reports. You can review full Market Reports for 2019, 2020 or 2021 with a simple selection of the year from the drop-down menu.

Not a Contexter user yet?

Contexer provides instant access to over 200 data points about demographics, housing, employment, education, banking, community investment and more all in a single click. You can view data for multiple years for any county in the nation, saving hours or days of time accumulating, organizing and presenting data in an impactful way.

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