June 9, 2023

OCC: Comments Requested on Proposed Annual Public Trust in Banking Survey

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced a request for information to gather input on a proposed annual trust survey with the goal of understanding, measuring, and tracking the public’s trust in banking and bank supervision by the OCC and other banking regulators over time.

The OCC invites interested members of the public, including financial industry participants, other government agencies, academic and research organizations, consumer advocacy and financial education organizations, trade associations, and financial services customers, to comment on the scope of the survey, components and drivers of trust, and ways to track and assess trust over time. Responding to the survey is voluntary.

The OCC recognizes the public’s trust in banks is an important aspect of a thriving and stable banking system. By surveying the public, the OCC can use the results to identify areas where trust can be further enhanced and gain insight into the many aspects that are important to consider in working to maintain and enhance trust in banking and bank supervision.

The OCC intends to publish the main results of the annual survey in an OCC report, and the results may be used to inform policymakers, bankers, and researchers about the trends and drivers of public trust in banking and bank supervision.

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