OCC: Updated List of Permissible Activities for National Banks and Federal Savings Associations Released

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today released an updated list of permissible activities for national banks and federal savings associations.

The publication titled, Activities Permissible for National Banks and Federal Savings Associations, Cumulative, updates the list of permissible activities to reflect applicable precedent for national banks, streamlines certain entries for readability, and includes applicable interpretive letters and corporate decisions issued by the OCC affecting federal savings associations. OCC precedent remains applicable until rescinded, superseded, or revised.

National banks and federal savings associations should not rely solely on this document to determine the activities permissible for their institutions. Instead, the banks and federal savings associations should review the authorities cited in the publication and other relevant precedent before engaging in an activity. Regulated institutions are responsible for determining whether changes to applicable laws and regulations affect the permissibility of an activity. Previously permissible activities may become impermissible as a result of statutory or regulatory changes.

Individual OCC-regulated institutions may be precluded from engaging in otherwise permissible activities based on safety and soundness or other supervisory reasons.

Any activity permissible for a national bankĀ or federal savings association is also permissible for its operating subsidiary.

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