June 10, 2022

We’ve Launched Our 2022 Contexter Market Reports with New and Expanded Data

Our updated and enhanced 2022 Contexter Market Reports are now available! Not only have we updated each data point for 2022, but we also added several new and expanded data sets to help you build performance context.

1. Updated data for 2022

Our Contexter Market Reports contain over 200 pieces of data to assist you with performance context research in any county in the nation. With this release, we’ve updated each existing data point within the Contexter Market Report to the most recent release from the government and industry data sources you rely. Review the updated source list for 2022.

2. Expanded FEMA Major Disaster Designations

We’ve expanded our FEMA Major Disaster Designations beyond the most recently declared disaster in each market. Now you can see every FEMA Major Disaster Delcaration in each county from January 2019 through the current year-to-date, updated weekly.

Not only can you view multiple years of disaster data, we now provide the incident type, disaster title, declaration date and declaration ID for each disaster. Click on any declaration ID and to open the related disaster information on FEMA’s website.

3. Census Tract Changes Comparison

Beginning in 2022, the FFIEC will update census tract designations to coincide with the most recent five-year update to the American Community Survey and related census tract boundary changes. As a result of these data updates, many census tracts income levels will change and hundreds of new census tracts will be created.

To help you quickly see the impact on census tracts in any county, we’ve included compartive breadowns of the census tract distribution by income level for 2021 versus 2022.

4. New Details on Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and CDFI Banks

With a renewed focus on supporting minority-owned, women-owned and CDFI banks in the CRA Modernization proposal, we’ve expanded our banking section on each Contexter Market Report to include details on which of these organizations have branches in the county.

If an MDI, WDI or CDFI Bank has a branch located in a county, we provide the bank’s name, their FDIC Cert #, and Classification as well as a link directly to each bank’s website to help you located and build relationships with these important community partners.

5. New Communities in the Market Listing

Using USPS zip code data, we’ve added a listing of communities in the market to each market report to help you identify the cities, neighborhoods, and other locations your bank serves.

6. Expanded Household Income Data

For 2022, not only do we provide the median income for each community, but we’ve added a brand new breakdown of household income distributed across 10 income ranges, to illustrate the income dispersion in each county.

7. New Data on Health Insurance

We’ve added new data points to our demographics section to report the percentage of individuals in each county with and without health insurance.

8. Streamlined Report Navigation

We’ve updated the navigation menu on market reports to make it easier to switch between years and search for new counties, directly in the report title. The new streamlined menu now stays in place at the top of the page as you scroll through the report to make moving between report sections easier.

9. Flexible Printing Options

With this release, we’ve provided new, flexible printing options for Contexter Market Reports for all years. Now you can select which sections of the report you’d like to print as a PDF or hard copy to meet your reporting and documentation needs.

10. Updated Labels and Source Data

Throughout each Contexter Market Report, we’ve updated several labels to provide greater clarity and added new source data for key data points.

11. New City Information

We’ve updated the largest cities for each county as well as adding new data for the county seat and year the city was founded, incorporated, etc.

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